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Our decades of experience with retail real estate in prime and specialist retail locations will provide you with expert know-how and competence combined with utmost seriousness. Deep market penetration, documented by our unique primary market data, enables LÜHRMANN Valuation to reliably and independently determine real estate values ​​through cooperation with ENA EXPERTS. They are methodologically sound and with high market conformity.

Market value

Transparency and security are essential: LÜHRMANN Valuation determines and assesses the value of your property on a set date by means of professionally conducted market and sales valuation carried out by certified experts from all fields of competence. Our cooperation partner is "regulated by RICS" and you receive independent, dependable and probative assessment reports as a basis for your business.


All costs and risks in view: LÜHRMANN Valuation compiles the required mortgages for real estate financing, after consultation with your financial institution, or determines property values ​​as part of your risk management. HYPZert (F) certified experts do this for you.


Your basis for short-term action requirements: We will provide you with an indicative valuation for all instances that require a prompt value estimate at very short notice. Whether as a preparation for a transaction (First Opinion) or to review a third-party expertise (Second Opinion).

Rental value

Facts and trends: We combine our many years of experience with current market knowledge: Together with you we will lay the foundations for optimising your retail space or your retail property’s yield. Rental value assessments are suitable for owners as well as for tenants in bid preparation or bid verification processes as well as in legal disputes.


Unique challenges require unique solutions: We support you with highly personalised profitability calculations, scenario and / or sensitivity analysis. In addition, we provide forecast calculations against the background of the individual customer situation.

Market value Market value Financing Financing Indication Indication Rental value Rental value Forecasts Forecasts
Market value

The details are important: LÜHRMANN Valuation determines and evaluates the value of your property on a set date.

  •    Carrying out market / sales value assessments
  •    Descriptions of the value-relevant property characteristics
  •    Full range of liability through detailed expert opinions
  •    Appraisals prepared by certified experts

Ideal for: (Corporate) transactions, fiscal, accounting, financial and legal purposes as well as inheritance matters.


Transparent finances: LÜHRMANN Valuation creates detailed mortgage value assessments.

  •    Mortgage value assessment (PfandBG / BelWertV) by certified experts (HypZert [F])
  •    Detailed assessments with mortgage and market value
  •    Descriptions of value-relevant property characteristics
  •    Highest possible transparency about the value source

Ideal for: Valuation in the context of risk management and for real estate financing.


Figures please: LÜHRMANN Valuation will provide you with an indicative valuation for all instances that require a value estimate within a very short time.

  •    Indicative valuation
  •    Fast value statement with calculable inexactitude
  •    Short market analysis
  •    Limited liability spectrum

Ideal for: prompt valuation, transaction preparation (first opinion) and review of third-party opinions.

Rental value

Expertise and unique primary market data: You receive reports with dependable statements on achievable market-conform rental values.

  •    Assessments on the estimation of market-conform rents by certified experts
  •    Full range of liability
  •    Descriptions of all value-relevant property characteristics
  •    Highest possible transparency about the value source

Ideal for: Owners / tenants in bid creation / bid verification processes and legal disputes.


Potential has many variables. LÜHRMANN Valuation supports you in your planning with analyses and calculations.

  •    Implementation of investment calculations
  •    Creation of scenario / sensitivity analyses
  •    Analysis of value potential relating to structural engineering measures
  •    Creation of value forecasts

Ideal for: Scenario and / or sensitivity analyses with individual variables and the generation of forecast calculations.

Dirk Wiechert, head of projectmanagement / valuation, member of the management board

Dirk Wiechert is responsible for projectmanagement and valuation at LÜHRMANN. Since 2007, he and his team have kept an eye on the details and potential of real estate.

+49 541 2 99 99 100

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